LHC Schools and Community Buildings Framework

The LHC framework for schools and community buildings is available to all local authorities, housing associations and other public sector bodies in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fully OJEU compliant, this framework offers the provision of new build projects, extensions, refurbishment and associated works with a design service for school and community buildings projects. The following types of building can be provided through this framework:

The Kind Diamond Build Consortium Limited (KDC)

Following an intensive selection process which saw 282 applicants whittled down to a final group of 25, KDC successfully qualified for two Lots in this framework. These are £0-£2M (new-build) in which we are one of two contractors covering the London area, and £2M-£4M (new-build and refurb) where we are one of three. Potentially worth £500M, the framework is due to run until 2021.

Work Split

Both companies deliver projects across all values, sectors, types and locations covered by the LHC London Lots. As a consequence the intention is to share the workload based on existing relationships, expertise and experience to ensure we find the best way to deliver a high level of service to our clients.

KDC Receive the Framework Certificate

L-R: Nigel Williams (LHC), Gemma Gallagher, Tony Battle (KDC)